These are some raw tidbits of the projects we’ve been working on.

RAMDanceToolkit to Isadora through Syphon. Requirements: OSX 10.7.5 or newer.

Feed RAMDanceToolkit textures into Isadora via Syphon

Feed RAMDanceToolkit textures into Isadora via Syphon

Download this hack here.

This is a finale of the interactive production “The Revolver” (text and direction by Mayia Pramatarova). The idea of this play was conceived around a flux of rotating imagery, therefore implanting a kinectic zoetrope (written in Cinder, opencv, openni, using a c++ software model of a real zoetrope, run by Microsoft kinect and an OS X macbook pro) allowed the actors to transform the performance space into a rotating zoetrope.

In September-October of 2011 traveled to Russia to work on an interactive videomapping score for Alexander Pushkin’s “The Little Tragedies” production at the Satyricon theatre in a camp style. This work involved 3d modeling of a city, automating Maya cam fly-through in Cinder along the B├ęzier curves, sketching up webgl renderings in three.js, hacking a procedural city, using CUDA and openni framework to produce a realtime human torch, projection mapping of humans using an openframeworks app, simulating a glitchy texture buildup using pixel shaders in Cinder, applying Rutt-Ettra to kinect depth images in Quartz Composer to produce a Stone Guest statue in real-time, sound visualization of the Mozart’s Lacrimosa, and of course, front and rear five screen projection mapping via three 15 000 lumen projectors and a triplehead2go. A very powerful macintosh has been built to support this craziness, which a leading national newspaper Kommersant called “impressive”. The following is a photograph of a scene, in which the actors paint with their bodies in real time a rear-projected picture:

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“The Little Tragedies” rehearsal process as documented by Dmitry Moroz can be viewed here.

In January of 2011 produced a sound-based animation and projector lighting mapped onto a moving transformer stage structure for the production of the “Five Nights” by Alexander Volodin at the Moscow Fomenko Workshop Theatre. Polina Agureeva as Tamara. Photocredit: Dmitry Moroz.

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This production is a Golden Mask Award nominee for 2010-2011 season (best small form drama production, best director, best actress).

In 2010 was asked to produce an interactive video score for the Anton Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Below is a brief account about the videography production for the “Damned and Killed” by Victor Astafiev staged by Victor Ryzhakov in Moscow. Narrator Michael Gusev, who helped at the human motion tracking testing in Cambridge.

In 2009 has been engaged with an international crew on a production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida for the Budapest Summer Festival, which then has been transferred to the Csokonai Szinhaz (Debrecen, Hungary). Here is the making-of documentary of this production shot by Vladimir Gusev on the fringes of his very busy time as a lonely videographer.

Read more at post.scriptum.ru

Post.scriptum.ru is a way to look at our world using theatre as a looking glass. post.scriptum.ru (and its sister post.scriptum.us, a somewhat delayed translation of the post.scriptum.ru from Russian into English) is run by the same two people who brought to you onewaytheater.us

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